The key to a beautiful face is preparation and proper skin hydration!!!

OK so you want your makeup done by a pro, but is your skin ready for makeup?

All too often I have a very excited client sit in my chair who just can't wait to see what beautiful masterpiece I am about to create on their face, and while most of the time I can manage to manipulate the skin to my advantage, there are a few things clients can do to prep for their makeup appointment! When I say prep, these are things I wish more women did on a regular basis, but then again that could be asking too much. I suggest preparing your skin so that you get the most for your money when booking a makeup appointment with a professional, I mean who wants to spend $100+ and then be unhappy due to an easily preventable issue!!!! Anyhow, on to the do's and dont's of pre-event skincare:


I can't tell you how many women do NOT drink enough water! This seems like common sense but unfortunately I am constantly reminding my clients to monitor and increase their water intake. It can make the difference between sallow skin, dark under eye circles, and skins retention of hydration with topical skincare. Water is key, especially since it takes up such a large percentage of our body mass. Want a soda? Skip it! Drink a glass of water first and then see if your body is still craving it. I like to freeze a bottle of water (half way) over night because I am more likely to drink cold water than room temperature. I fill my thermos over night half way, then lay it on its side in the freezer so the bottle is still fillable the next day. Really makes a difference in the summer months and at the gym!


Making sure to slush off that layer of dead skin that we naturally shed on a weekly basis is key to preventing breakouts, congested pores, and keeping the brightness and elasticity in our skin.  Also using the CORRECT exfoliant. Ladies, I know that "St.Ives Apricot Scrub" worked so well in your teen years, but the reality is that it's too aggressive for even the youngest of skin. I recommend a product with volcanic pumice or anything granule that is micro in size. I have heard of home remedies with sugar scrubs and that's a BIG NO. Sugar scrubs should only be used on the body. The texture of your scrub for the face area should resemble the softest sand you've ever felt at the beach. Two of my favorite exfoliants are by Darphin - "Age Defying Dermabrasion with Pearl Particles" ($80) or if you're on the budget saving side of things Bliss - "Micro Magic" with volcanic pumice and soothing aloe ($48). Remember, cheaper is not always better, but both of these products are micro-bead free and safe for the environment as well as safe on your skin. I recommend exfoliation on a weekly basis, but listen to your skin, if you need to skip a week, don't over do it. Your skin should look fresh, not raw!


OK so now that your skin is hydrated from all the lovely water you have been drinking and your pores are clean and debris and blockage free from the regular exfoliating, we need to give it the proper nutrients it needs to repair itself! All too often I hear women saying that they don't wear a facial mositruizer for a variety of reasons: "My skin is too oily", "I just use my body lotion", "Isn't my primer a moisturizer?"......NO NO NO!!!!!!!!!!!! These things break my heart because no one has given these ladies the proper information on how to take care of the only face they will have in their lifetime (despite the miracles of plastic surgery, but thats another blog altogether) and they aren't treating it well!!! 

If your skin is oily, it needs a moisturizer! It is CRAVING hydration so badly that your skin is over producing oil to compensate. I recommend a gel, or lightweight moisturizer for clients like this. Several brands make a gel based hydrating cream, but it's important to consider a few things. What are the ingredients? How does it feel after it's absorbed? What does it smell like? These are all important factors when picking a moisturizer on your face. 

Body lotion is NOT, I repeat, NOT A FACIAL MOISTURIZER! Just like you wouldn't use your body exfoliant on your face, you would NEVER use a body lotion on your face! The properties of both products are made for different density and texture of skin. Think of the example of putting rubber cement on tissue paper, it just doesn't work! While you can use facial moisturizer on the body, it's a waste because it doesn't penetrate the dermis or linger in hydration as well as a body moisturizer. 

Primer has very little to no hydrating qualities to it. I wish I had a nickel for every client who told me that her primer was her moisturizer. Primers are mainly silicone based.  They are meant to do two things. One, smooth the skin and prevent makeup from moving or separating on the skin.  Two, to lock in your moisturizer and keep the skin from being affected by the makeup. Think of a primer as double sided tape. It just keeps everything in it's place. Although some primers claim to be "hydrating" I would never rely completely on it, plus what are you going to do, wear a primer to sleep? Seems kinda silly when you think about it!

***How to tell what type of skin you have***

For women with dry skin, you already know you need to hydrate your skin, make sure you're using a moisturizer that is deeply conditioning the skin, and don't forget to exfoliate so your product is easily able to be carried to the proper layer of your dermis! You can usually tell when your skin is dry by how it feels after washing (tightness) or if you have any skin that naturally sheds (dry patches).

"Combination Skin" is slang for " I have no idea what my skin is, you tell me" lol.  Honestly ladies, you are always going to slide to one side or the other on the dry or oily skin scale.  How to tell is based on how long it takes your skin to get "shiny" or oily in the "t-zone" of your face or on the bridge of your nose. If you're like me, its on my nose, forehead, chin, and sometimes my cheekbones! I am a greasy gal, what can I say! I am a former claimant of having "combination skin" when in reality I was just oily! "Combination skin" with dry patches are just considered a dryer skin type. Even if you have small oil patches. Your skin is thirsty! Oily or dry, you need to hydrate it with both consuming more water (see above) and proper moisturizer. 

Back to Oily Skin at this point should be pretty obvious what defines an oily skin type. People with oily skin are often led to believe that the solution is to dry out your face with salicylic acid and cleansers that suffocate the pores from producing sebum (a.k.a. oil) and that is NOT the solution. If you have cystic acne, sure go see your doctor and let them prescribe a medication, but most oily skin types with minor to normal breakouts are THRISTY! OK OK, calm down, your skin isn't dying for a date, it needs hydration! Your skin is trying to overcompensate for the lack of hydration and is producing oil to try to replenish it, when in turn its clogging your pores and making you look like a big ole disco ball! Please see above where I recommend what type of moisturizer to use. 

Other pro tips prior to a makeup application:

  1. No facial waxings within 3 days of makeup appt. (makeup doesn't stick to new skin)
  2. No facials or skin treatments within a week of your appointment
  3. Bring preferred skincare if you have allergies and clarify them before appt. with your pro
  4. Arrive with clean, washed skin and hydrate with moisturizer *the makeup artist will re-apply moisturizer most likely, but its good to lock in a healthy layer before leaving the house*