Long Luxurious Lashes

One of the best parts of any good makeup application is the style of the lashes. I have heard of many new and innovative ways to achieve a longer lash, and some are genius while others....a little scary!

First things first, lets start with good old fashioned Lash Primer.  As a girl who likes to cut as many corners as possible with her makeup, I was opposed to adding another step in my routine, but after you use it and see the results, you're crack addict hooked and can't do your lashes without it!  Honestly, when you consider all the benefits, it just makes sense.  Lash primer can help to make your lashes appear thicker and longer while conditioning the lash hair.  I also tell clients who have contacts or are concerned about their mascara flaking throughout the day, primer will help prevent that from happening.  It also makes it easier to remove the mascara at the end of the night which puts less stress on the hair follicle when washing your face.  I don't know about you, but there have been nights I THOUGHT I had washed off all my makeup, and that last bit of stubborn mascara ends up around my eyes and I look like a raccoon in the morning. ***As I write this, I was sent an article on some pro tips on how to apply mascara and the article mentions how prods use "transparent powder between coats of mascara to make your lashes look fuller" and I do not recommend this for novice makeup users. This can be very tricky and should only be done by pros, or taught in a lesson setting.***

Another option that many women have steered towards is Lash Serum.  When Latisse was launched many years ago, we thought that modern science had found a miracle solution for lengthening our lashes....That was until we realized that using the product had hairs sprouting from strange places in our eyes as well as the possibility of it staining our blue or green eyes with brown spots.  Why ruin your iris color to have longer eye lashes?  As a girl with brown/hazel eyes and being envious of women with light colored eyes, I would NEVER risk that possibility!  There are other serums that you can buy at beauty stores like Grande Lash, but from my experience, they may help thicken or lengthen your lashes, with the risk of irritating your eyes themselves and making them bright red.  Again, not worth it.  

The old standby, False Lash (Strips) are my preferred method. Do I use these everyday? Of course not, its for special occasions only.  It's like that little black dress you have in the back of the closet.  Meant to make the room turn and notice you.  Theres a lot of tricks to perfecting applying the lash strip, and the more often you apply them, the easier it becomes.  Personally I apply my lashes after all my makeup is completed, including a light coat of mascara.  You can always add a little mascara after the lashes are applied to try to blend them together a bit more, but be careful as this can limit the amount of uses you can get out of each pair.  I can usually get about 5-7 uses out of each pair of lashes.  

***Tips for lash strip application***

  1. Measure the lash WITHOUT GLUE prior to applying. Measure twice and cut once! :) Not all lashes are the perfect size, most are long enough that the average user needs to trim them (were talking about the band not the actual hairs)
  2. Liquid liner or a good solid base gives your false lashes a "runway" and makes it easier to apply. This is how I first learned the placement of false lashes. The liner makes it so much easier, but not all looks call for a dramatic line.  Do what fits the look and you best. 
  3. Use latex adhesive. My preferred brand is DUO and you can find it at any drug store.
  4. Set a dot of glue out 3 min prior to application. Helps make it sticky enough with less wait time for it to dry.
  5. Use a small thin applicator to apply the glue to the lash. I personally like a disposable liner brush with a foam tip, but a toothpick works too, just don't try to use it on your teeth after lol
  6. Gently remove at the end of the night before washing your face and be sure to set back into lash container in the same shape they came in. 
  7. Clean but gently holding the lash hairs and pulling the glue section by section. you can also sanitize synthetic lashes with a spritz of alcohol and a q-tip, but this is a tricky operation and not for everyone. 

"Lash" but not least we have Lash Extensions.  This is where the esthetician glues small individual lashes to your lashes at the root.  This is a very difficult process, it's very time consuming as well as very costly.  I personally had this done over 7 years ago by a trainer for one of the top lash extension brands, and as beautiful as they looked, the after effects of having the extensions was not worth it.  I had quite a few put in (a full set) and the day after my eye lash line felt almost bruised slightly.  After 3 weeks of having them on, they started to dwindle and fall out as the pro had advised.  Soon then after, a large portion, almost half of my own lashes fell out as well.  Even now, they are still not the same as they were.  I was mortified, and then I did the research.  The lash extensions can make your lashes fall out and dwindle for a variety of reasons.  First, the glue can be toxic and suffocate the lash follicle.  Second the weight of the hair extension on the lash can damage and bruise the follicle and prevent the new hair from growing back properly.  Another reason why this happens is based on your lash expert.  If you're going to your nail salon and they tell you a girl in the back is doing it, without proper licensing and training, you could be getting anyone gluing random little hairs to your lashes with super glue.  The quality and training are CRUCIAL.  Also, the quality of the product is important.  I would suggest, if you absolutely have to have extensions, to find a distributor for Xtreme Lashes Eyelash Extensions They are the best quality I have seen out there and go through extensive training before offering to sell their product for distribution.  Again, I absolutely DO NOT RECOMMEND lash extensions, but I know no matter what I say here, some of you are going to do it anyhow, might as well be the best! 

I hope this helped some of you debating on how to achieve a longer lash!  #lashgoals 

Below are some of my tips for keeping your natural lashes gorgeous and flirty!

Quick Tips on Taking Care of Your Lashes:

  • Use a makeup remover prior to washing off the rest of your makeup
  • Use a lash primer to hydrate and condition lashes
  • Use a curler, but be gentle with the lashes, the follicle is delicate!
  • Make sure to cleanse your natural lashes throughly every night before bed
  • Remember that less is more, no one likes a clumpy lash!